Cecil Wiggs

Cecil was born in Camberwell, London, and educated in London.  He qualified as a Professional Associate of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 1956.  In 1960 he came to work in Oxford and live in Thame. Cecil was appointed as a magistrate in 1967, and became Chairman of the Bench in 1993.  He was involved with Thame Round Table and the Rotary Club, and was a Town Councillor for three years.

The recording was made on 8th May 2008

Samuel Field and the new Courthouse – Cecil describes the history of the development of the County Court, leading up to the opening of the new building in 1861.  Magistrates have used the Court House exclusively since 1984, until the local Court was amalgamated with the Oxford Central Court in 2003.

Racing driver and the Bullingdon Club appear at Thame Magistrates Court – A number of headline cases have been heard at the Magistrates’ Court, including damage done to the Old Thatch by the Oxford University Dining Club.

Murders in Thame – All cases appear first in the Magistrates’ Court, including murder, but serious cases must then be transferred to be heard in the Crown Court.  Bail conditions can be granted by the Magistrates’ Court.

The changing face of the courtroom – Changes to the layout of the Court took place when Cecil was a magistrate, and this proved to be a better arrangement.

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