Collections Policy

Thame Museum is an Accredited Museum and follows national standards when it comes to collecting and looking after what are often treasured family items. Many people in Thame have donated objects and the museum already has a large collection.

What we are looking for are items that help us illustrate the Story of Thame, through its people, its buildings and its institutions. Ideally objects should have a local connection but if they represent aspects of local life, and we have no local objects that do the same, we can accept them.

Thame Museum also has a collection of local memories, recorded by the museum, telling the story in local people’s own words. We are keen to hear from people happy to let us record their memories

Photographs are a big part of our collection, and new photographs are always welcome, as well as other forms of modern media.

The Story of Thame can often be told through records and legal documents, such as property deeds. Thame Museum has a policy to capture vital information from them by scanning or even transcribing them, and already has a large collection of digital archives.

If you have an object to donate take a look at our donations page.


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