Curated By Lord Williams’s School Year 7

In July 2023 Year 7 visited the museum as part of their Local History studies. They were asked on the visit to each pick the item that they felt should be photographed and form part of the images on our new website. They were also asked to provide a reason why they felt the item should be included. The selection below shows the five with the highest number of votes, with the most popular being the Katana, a Japanese sword. The first photograph however had the best reason given for inclusion, which was about how interesting the advert was because of what it showed about different kinds of cleaners in Edwardian times. Come and visit us to see it in detail as it captures the cultural shift from hand powered domestic tools to early electrical ones. You can find out more about the Daisy advert and the Katana in out archives section, or visit the museum to see each item for yourself. We are grateful to all the Year 7 students for their input.

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