Fred Tildesley

Fred was born in West London, went to school there and trained as a cartographer, before joining the Police Force. He came to Thame in 1966 as the Police Sergeant. After 25 years in the Police, Fred retired and then spent the next 15 years as the secretary of the Thame Show. During his adult life he was able to follow his other interests, classical calligraphy and playing jazz .

This recording was made on 20th February 2008

Sergeant – Fred comes to Thame to take up the position of Town Sergeant in 1966, which is generally recognised as being ‘a bit thankless’. The main task is to ‘keep the job moving’ as smoothly as possible.

My local jurisdiction – The area covered is relatively small – just the town and the immediate area. Being ‘on call’ is an important part of the job. There are two sergeants and the first priority is to keep the station open.

Helping with Thame Show – Following Fred’s retirement from the Police Force, he discovers that the Thame Show needs a Secretary, so applies for the job.

The Jazz Player – As well as being the Thame Show Secretary, Fred is able to indulge his other interests of classical calligraphy, and also being a jazz musician.

Thame Show – For many years Thame Show never had its own site. Eventually, the Show purchases land at White’s Farm on the Kingsey Road.

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