Jack Lazenby

Jack had ambitions from quite an early age to be a woodwork teacher. He was able to attend Loughborough College during the war years under Edward Barnsley.  He came to Thame in 1950 to work at Rycotewood College, and for a time was a Resident House Warden.  After retirement, Jack was still involved in wood working.

The recording was made on 13th February 2008.

A woodworker from Wakefield – Jack’s early life and education Wakefield, Yorkshire, and his decision to become a woodwork teacher.

Becoming a Pattern-Maker – By the time Jack is about to leave school, the war is on and he sees an advertisement for an apprentice pattern maker.

An essential worker – Jack works as a pattern maker.  Nearly 21 years old, he gets a place at Loughborough College, on the understanding that he would not get called up for war service, and works under the direction of Edward Barnsley.

Rycotewood College -Jack comes to Rycotewood College in September 1950; helps to set up craft education, and explains how agricultural engineering came to be at the College.

Oxford & Durham – The boys on the course come from Oxfordshire and Durham, and could be described as ‘children in need’.  The furniture the students make is sold locally and the money raised is used to support the College.

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