John Hussey

John Hussey was born in 1931 in the house where he still lives. He joined H.& C Pearce and Sons, the wool staplers, at the age of sixteen. John has been involved in the wool trade all of his working life and has seen fundamental changes in the business following the introduction of synthetic thread.

The recording was made on 26th September 2007.

A Wool supplier – John talks about changes in the wool industry since the 1950s. In earlier days all ‘colonial wool’ came to London to be sold, but now Japan and China take all the wool.

A station for troops in WWII – During the war years many areas of land and local buildings are used for military purposes, including Thame Mill laundry, the Spread Eagle Hotel, the Prebendal, the old Workhouse and the Tithe Barn.

Air-Raid shelters and trenches – John recalls Home Guard practices which take place at the Prebendal on Monday evenings; the air raid shelter; trenches dug at the back of John Hampden School and on the recreation ground, and static water holders throughout the town.

Thame Station in WWII – The station is very busy during the war years with troops, evacuees, diverted trains, and the movement of bombs and ammunition around the area.

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