Joyce Clarke

Joyce came to live in Thame from nearby Shabbington in 1936 as a child. She worked in a number of jobs including a local bakery; in service at Towersey Manor as a parlour maid, and at a packaging firm in Princes Risborough.  During the war years, she worked with barrage balloons and later serviced aircraft instruments, bomb sites and autopilots.  For many years Joyce lived in Park Terrace opposite the Corporation Yard.

The recording was made on 23rd January 2008

No. 1 Park Terrace – 1936 – Joyce comes to live in Thame at Easter in 1936 and attends the National School.  At 14 she works for Howes Bakery from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Managing Barrage Balloons in WWII – During the War, Joyce experiences working in a team controlling a barrage balloon and explains all the details.

Fighting with the WAAF in WWII – Aircraft accidents during the War. Joyce moves to many different airfields servicing aircraft, and eventually leaves the WRAF in March 1946.

Stables and the end of horses and carts – Corporation Yard in Park Terrace is a working year and includes a stable for the horse that pulls the dust cart around the town.

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