Object of the Month – April 2023

In 1910 the National Westminster Bank was known as the London County and Westminster Bank after the merger of the Westminster Bank with the London and Westminster Bank in 1909.

In 1968 the bank became the National Westminster Bank and then in 1970 it merged with the National Provincial Bank and the District Bank to become NatWest. In 2000 NatWest was bought and became part of RBS.

In 2023, NatWest announced the closure of 23 branches across the country and the Thame branch, on Cornmarket, shut for good on March 1st.

The NatWest website has detailed information on the history of the bank. To view this click here.

The NatWest building as it is today

The sepia print was donated to the museum on the closure of the Thame Branch in March 2023.  It is displayed on the wall of the museum’s main gallery.

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