Object of the Month – August 2021

Created in November 2004, when Robin Gibb of the BeeGees, who lived in Thame, was the guest celebrity to turn on the town’s Christmas lights.  A team of local people contributed knitted sections which were then sewn together in time for this big Christmas event.

The idea was that after the giant scarf had been displayed in the town centre during the event, it would be auctioned for charity.  Unfortunately the only bidder pulled out.

The scarf’s next public appearance was on 18th February, 2005 when Boris Johnson, at the time Thame’s MP, visited the town and helped Thame Chamber of Commerce, and Cllr David Dodds, the Mayor, to publicise a second attempt to auction the scarf on eBay.

Here he gamely donned Thame’s Giant Scarf, which at 500ft went five times round a DAF truck!

Do You Remember the Giant Scarf?  We would love to hear your stories and memories of the scarf, especially if you have any photos as well.  Do get in touch by emailing

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