Ray and Phil Shewry

Ray Shewry: 1933 – 2021

Phil Shewry: 1935 –

Ray and Phil Shewry moved to Thame from Buckland in 1936. They describe their early recollections of school; the evacuees arriving; youth activities; their common interest of local sports, and their vivid memories of many local events in the town.

The recording was made on 6th February 2008

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A New House in Thame – Mr Purser’s warehouse in London is bombed. Father changes job and the family moves to 10 Bell Lane. Ray and Phil describe the house.

John Hampden & Miss Groves – early experiences of John Hampden School and memories of Miss Grove, who had travelled all over Europe. At the age of eight Ray is singing Russian patriotic songs.

Evacuees – Evacuees arrive in Thame and the new children become part of the school.

Youth – There are plenty of youth activities – the White Crusaders, and a camp at Weston-Super-Mare.

Sport – Phil describes the local hockey players in Thame, in particular Joan Barton, John Hussey and Les Yates.

Table Tennis in Thame – Phil talks about the popularity of table tennis after the war and the youth club culture. The club has had many homes in halls and pubs in the town.

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