The secret of the sealed cupboard Revealed

The cupboard was at 13 Southern Road Thame, (originally no.9 Derricks Lane). It was sealed accidentally when gas pipes were put over the door, probably in 1888.

It as exactly 100 years later when renovations to the house were made and the cupboard revealed its secrets.

Inside were nearly 500 items, including newspapers, family photos, letters, receipts from various local businesses, shopping lists, buttons and much more

A small selection of these is on display in the Main Gallery, including a copy of Thame Gazette from 1879; South Oxfordshire News 1887; a bottle of ink, pen and stand; a hand written laundry list to name just a few.

Do you recognise anyone featured in the photographs above?

Amongst these treasurers was also a beautiful red leather case with gold tooling for holding business cards


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