Trevor Cook

Trevor Cook was born in Benson in 1929 and moved to Thame in 1933. He attended Lord Williams’s School until 1946 and then studied architecture in Oxford. Trevor has many recollections from his youth living in Thame. He worked for a number of council and private employers prior to his retirement.

The recording was made on 1st November 2007

Born in Benson – Trevor’s mother was a District Nurse and his father was a painter, decorator and builder. When Trevor’s mother is asked to work in Thame, the family moves soon after and Trevor’s father works at Rycotewood College.

OCC Planning Dept and the 82 bus to Oxford – Trevor starts working for Oxfordshire County Council Planning Department in the ‘Old Marmalade Factory’ in Park End Street in Oxford, and describes going to work on the 82 bus.

Self sufficient childhood – Trevor learns to be self sufficient during the war years. His father was a Civil Defence instructor in Thame and is involved with the bomb that explodes where Greyhound Walk is today.

The cattle market as a troop billet – Trevor describes wartime activities on the Cattle Market and nearby areas during the war years. He tells the story of an unexploded bomb transported from London back to Thame.

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