Marilyn Airstone

Marilyn came to live with her grandmother during the Second World War. The recordings are her recollections of her life in Thame from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Maurice Barton

Memories of Maurice Barton covering Thame before WWII, shooting down a German bomber over Thame, being a prisoner of the Japanese and a fire in Long Crendon while he was a voluntary fireman.

Joy Campoli

Joy’s recollections from her time growing up in Thame, working for the BBC during the move to Broadcasting House in 1932, and her husband Alfredo.

Joyce Clarke

In 1936 Joyce came to live in Thame at No 1 Park Terrace.

Trevor Cook

Trevor was born in Benson and moved to Thame in 1933. He has many recollections from his youth living in Thame.

Mick Crowdy

Mick talks about growing up in Thame during and immediately after the Second World War.

Mabel Gillard

Mabel moved to Thame at the age of eight and a half. After leaving school at 14 she started work at Thame Park a couple of years later.

John Hussey

John talks about Thame during the Second World War and how the wool trade changed since the 1950s.

Jack Lazenby

Jack came to Thame in 1950 to work at Rycotewood College as a woodwork teacher. The recordings cover Jack’s early life in Wakefield, Yorkshire, his time at Loughborogh College as a student and Rycotewood College as a teacher.

Dr Andrew Markus

Andrew qualified as a Doctor in 1956 and was a Thame GP until his retirement in 1994. The recordings also cover his time as a Town Councillor.

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